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She Deserves to See the Light

Image: Alison Rachel

You are a delicious mixture of your ancestors. Have you ever  been around family, and you’re just being yourself, then one of them says, “Your Aunt So & So used to do that” ? Or that you remind them so much of a grandma, a cousin etcetera? Take that as a positive reminder to unapologetically be yourself.  We are all different and we all take in and handle information differently and no one’s feelings are invalid. Our feelings and thoughts share a symbiotic relationship. However, as we grow, we tend to err on the side of logic, leaving our precious feelings to ride in the back seat. 

When we are children, we are all about our feelings. Our feelings are the most important things to us, and we expect other people to feel the same way. We would say with great sentiment, “You hurt my feelings”. This remark is often considered childish, on the contrary, it is one of the most honest statements you will hear. As we get older, we are taught that we should be in complete control of our emotions and feelings. That we shouldn’t let the world “Get to us”. This is ridiculous. How is such a thing possible? We are a part of the world and the universe, and our feelings are governed by the forces therein. Denying this leads to a great deal of guilt. We are currently in the midsts of a global pandemic. People have very little certainty. Are you expected to not feel that or not have a strong emotional response to it? Your feelings about this situation are fair, understandable, and justified.

When we respect our feelings, it not only help us to be more honest and compassionate people, it also gives others the courage to do the same. Just as we are a part of the world, our feelings are a part of us. Not mutually exclusive. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend. Listen, be patient, be open, and be loving. We are constantly evolving, new versions of ourselves greet us each dawn. She deserves to see the light. 

Hold your head high and trust in yourself. Give yourself a good look, look inward. Firstly, you are Beautiful. Secondly, you are not defined by peoples’ reactions to you. You are your own entity. There has never been a YOU and there will never be another YOU. Your feelings are as unique as seashells on a beach, remarkable, lovesome, and layered. They grow as we do. They are our protectors and our teachers. Honour your feelings, honour yourself, and live your lovely truth.

Ayasha Sampson, SHE Contributor

Ayasha Luckett Sampson is a Brooklyn-based performer and writer who has always been a lover of the arts. After graduating from The School of Physical Theatre and completing her BS in New York, she continues to do what she loves, performing and writing short stories for children and adults.

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