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SHE Welcomes YOU!


Shaping Her Earth (SHE) is a 501c3 social impact organization founded out of an urgent  need to provide college, career, and life skills guidance and resources to one of the most vulnerable populations on earth, young black and brown girls from underserved communities. SHE mentorsempowers and invests in young women of color through enrichment programs, internships, workshops, public service opportunities,  and personal development retreats. SHE works to equip young women of color with the tools to claim space, uplift their communities, grow their talents and use their voices to affect positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Our Mission


Our Work

Our Story

our core

To transform the lives of young women of color in secondary and post-secondary institutions by equipping them with the tools to claim space, enhance their leadership abilities and empower them to use their voices to affect positive change in their communities. 


We believe every girl has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. However not every girl is given a fair shot to activate her limitless potential. This is especially true for young women of color. SHE creates a community and safe space for all young women to amplify their authentic voices, grow and contribute their talents, and powerfully transform their lives and communities. 

Shaping Her Earth’s core pillars outline the principles and priorities that guide our work: SHE Mentors, SHE Leads and SHE Connects.

Positive & Powerful Mentorship

SHE is committed to Powerful and Positive Mentorship, prioritizing guiding young women of color in high school and college towards achieving the “4 P’s”— personal, professional, pocket (financial), and philosophical goals.

 Taking the Lead on on Campus

SHE is committed to building the leadership of WOC on college campuses. Creating a safe space that prioritizes community building and personal development for black and brown girls, SHE on Campus gives these young women an opportunity to train and lead their cohorts.

SHE Connects

sisterhood & Self empowerment

SHE is committed to building Sisterhood and bolstering Self-Empowerment. Not only does SHE provide tools for mental wellness, self-care and self- esteem building, SHE connects young women in high school and college with a network of professional women who guide, encourage and empower.

Our Work

our work

One of the earth's most vulnerable populations are women of color. This demographic is uniquely affected by poverty, high-risk communities, and face stunning exposure to violence, victimization, and sexual assault. Even while pursuing first generation opportunities and bettering themselves in scholastic settings, Black and Brown girls in the U.S. continue to face real and profound challenges. From grade school, where Federal civil rights investigations have found generally that Black  girls are punished more harshly than their white peers for the same behavior;  to post secondary institutions, where many young women of color feel a pervasive sense of both hypervisibility and invisibility at the same time; SHE stands in the gap to shape HER experience as it should be intended--with intention and care. Shaping Her Earth is a comprehensive effort to address the unethical disparities plaguing this demographic, promote equal opportunities, and create inclusive environments that allow women of color to thrive and reach their full potential.


The goal, increase access to resources by mentoring the next generation of young women of color.

The focus, young women of color in highschool and on college campuses.

The result, confident, prepared and engaged change agents committed to Shaping Her Earth!

SHE works to empower, guide and curate safe spaces for this demographic as they enter high school and matriculate college. 

our story

Our Story

With a personal knowledge of the indomitable spirit and inherent struggles of Black women and after operating in systems that continue to uphold racist and gendered institutionalized practices; I began mentoring young women of color as they entered those very same spaces.


A former public school educator, I taught Special Education in an under-resourced and gang populated neighborhood in the South Bronx and saw an urgent need for teaching love, self acceptance, social responsibility and healthy decision making. My 6th graders were dealing with teen pregnancy, gang violence, abuse and sadly, had no support. I saw promise without preparation and guidance. SHE began out of a need to mentor and create a safe space for these youth and other young women of color daring to create a limitless life for themselves. Mentoring one young woman turned into 20, validating the express need for programs that Shape HER Earth! 

I've always believed youth empowerment organizations are the incubators for the civic leaders and stewards of tomorrow. They are holistic means of educating and engaging youth in our society. I'm confident that with access and guidance SHE will empower a generation of girls to boldly shape their destinies by daring to shape the world in which they live.


Sheria Irving 


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Get Involved!


Mentoring connects young girls to positive role models and other resources to develop skills that maximize their capacity for personal and professional development.

Be a blog contributor

Words make the world go round. And if you have a way with them, you have the power to change it. Help us shape her earth by contributing to SHE Speaks!! 

Be a SHE Collegiate Ambassador

Join other campus leaders to empower yourself, your school and your community.

Donate or Partner

Fundraising starts with the word “fun” for a reason. It’s more than giving a donation, or even asking for one — it’s mobilizing the people around you to care about the issues that matter to you most. Let's partner!

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