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Our mission is to equip young women of color with the tools to claim space, uplift their communities, grow their talents and use their voices to affect positive change in their lives and the lives of others.


Who Is She?

SHE is a 501c3, social impact organization that mentors, empowers and invests in young women of color. We believe every girl has valuable strengths and real influence to improve the world around us. However not every girl is given a fair shot to activate her limitless potential. This is especially true for young women of color. Through mentorship, public service, enrichment programs, and personal development retreats, SHE creates a community and safe space for all young women to amplify their authentic voices, grow and contribute their talents, and powerfully transform their lives and communities. 

SHE Cares



Self Empowerment

We work to encourage Positive Identity and Well-being. SHE Cares provides tools for mental wellness, self-care and self- esteem building. Using this platform to facilitate conversations surrounding prevalent struggles among young women, SHE Cares enables young women to fiercely redefine girlhood and dismantle damaging societal standards of beauty that detour them from being their unique selves.

SHE Leads

Lead Through Service

We strive to develop Leadership through Service. 

An essential component of Shaping Her Earth is the call to serve the community, both locally and abroad. By providing opportunities to share their their commitment to service, build community relationships, and effect change, our SHE leaders are molded into change agents. Their leadership brings vitality, creativity and courage for social change! 

SHE Mentors

powerful & positive mentorship

Mentoring Matters! It creates meaningful connections that positively impact the lives of both mentor and mentee. Our SHE mentees are more likely to see improved academic, social, and economic prospects. Our collegiate SHE mentors are able to further build important leadership, management and creative skills, while giving back to their community.

Our Work

our work

Today, girls throughout the country continue to face real and profound challenges. Black and Brown girls in the U.S. are uniquely affected by poverty, high-risk communities, and face stunning exposure to violence, victimization, and sexual assault. SHE works to empower, guide and curate safe spaces for this demographic as they enter high school and matriculate college. 

What Does SHE Do?

our story

Our Story

After teaching Special Education in an under-resourced  and gang populated neighborhood in the South Bronx, I saw more than ever a need for teaching love, self acceptance, social responsibility and healthy decision making. My 6th graders were dealing with teen pregnancy, gang violence, abuse and sadly, had no support. I saw promise without preparation and guidance. SHE began out of a need to mentor and create a safe space for these youth. 

I've always believed youth empowerment organizations are the incubators for the civic leaders and stewards of tomorrow. They are holistic means of educating and engaging youth in our society. I'm confident that with access and guidance SHE will empower a generation of girls to boldly shape their destinies by daring to shape the world in which they live.


Sheria Irving 


get involved

Get Involved!


Mentoring connects young girls to positive role models and other resources to develop skills that maximize their capacity for personal and professional development.

Be a blog contributor

Words make the world go round. And if you have a way with them, you have the power to change it. Help us shape her earth by contributing to SHE Speaks!! 

Be a SHE Collegiate Ambassador

Join other campus leaders to empower yourself, your school and your community.

Donate or Partner

Fundraising starts with the word “fun” for a reason. It’s more than giving a donation, or even asking for one — it’s mobilizing the people around you to care about the issues that matter to you most. Let's partner!

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