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The SHE Retreat 

Self Empowerment, Sisterhood and Service!


The SHE Retreat is a curated safe space with organized workshops and activities to promote self growth and development, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier and stronger community.  Here girls are empowered to be change agents and inspired to shape their earth! 


Feeding the body, mind and spirit, the SHE Retreat is where young girls can unplug from society and reconnect with themselves. 


Join our panel guests for an intimate conversation focused on the power of owning our magic and our responsibility to shape the world in which we live!

Connect with your breath and learn the importance of setting intentions with yoga and meditation!

Commune with other young women and build sisterhood!

The SHE Retreat is a space to prioritize self-care and self-love! 


Held in different cities each year, subscribe to our mailing list to see where we'll pop up next!

Calling all HIGHSCHOOL young women of color! 

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