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SHE    Mentors 

Offering 2 types of mentorship programs to empower young women of color, Shaping Her Earth has multiple opportunities to both mentor and become a mentee!


Our college to high school program, "Sister 2 Sister", features an 8-week mentorship program, where our SHE Leaders on the collegiate level help guide young high schoolers within their communities towards creating and fulfilling personal and scholastic goals.


Our professional to college program features a 6-month mentorship program in which college students are paired with a professional WOC in their field of interest. Monthly meetings paired with weekly guided goals, bridges the gap and provides mentees with access to  support, desired networks and career building strategies. 

Both programs offer one-to-one mentoring, self-esteem building, wellness, career planning and financial literacy. We focus on interactive sessions that motivate and inspire. 

We facilitate:

  • Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls of Color

  • Personal Enrichment, Professional Ambition and Pockets Goals 

  • Defying Negative Stereotypes and Promoting Diversity

  • Healthy Decision Making 

  • Setting and Achieving Goals​: Planning for the future 

Girls in Black

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