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SHE Collegiate Cohorts provides a safe space that prioritizes community building and personal development. Oftentimes, safe spaces are described as a shelter from outside perspectives and philosophies, but our thought is that they are an integral component of academic support and the development of self advocacy skills. By offering workshops ranging from personal development to financial literacy, we work tirelessly to create a space where students, whether undergraduate or graduate can be met with support not only from their peers but from their professors and administrators as well. 

SHE Collegiate Cohorts serve as a safe space where young women are seen, heard and encouraged to achieve their limitless potential.


SHE    On Campus

Jaala Alston,
Co-Founder of SHE College
SHE Chapter President
Columbia University 
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For all my women and the stories you cannot tell,

You collectively are my muse.

Jaala Alston,
Co-Founder of SHE College 

Jaala studies Economics and Ethnic and Racial Studies at Columbia University. She is equal parts academic and engaged community member, and hopes to utilize her voice and experiences to help empower others. She has conducted research relating to issues ranging from American slavery to Puerto Rican public finance, and among other things is a Questbridge Scholar, Bill and Melinda Gates Scholar, Ron Brown Captain, Columbia Core Scholar, and Laidlaw Research Fellow. In her role as Director of Campus Engagement, she aids in the development of a curriculum that will support the chartering of future SHE College chapters throughout the country.   

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