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4 Reasons Sisterhood Matters

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

There is nothing quite like a sister’s love & support. Here are 4 reasons that delve into the importance of sisterhood, how it enriches our lives and why we should always be our sister's keeper.

1. Sisterhood is Empowering.

Across the world young women are realising their potential, stepping up as leaders, and inspiring other young women to do the same. Yet, it still seems with all the heavy cultural conditioning, impossible standards of femininity and beauty, that girls feel their sisters are not as openly supportive of each other as they could be. There is room for us ladies to lead the way by being allies instead of competing with each other. Women thrive with a tribe. And empowering other women empowers all of us. Everything from our conversations to our courage & vulnerability, to the sharing of resources large & small. In sisterhood, we continually show up, and stand up for one another!

2. Sisterhood is a Safe Space.

In a world full of chaos, craziness, and things that can make us feel not so great; deep bonds formed between women that become a sisterhood function as a safe space for us to breathe and just “be”. Accepted. Embraced. Honored...and absolved of the need to explain things all the time. True sisterhood is a “come as you are, and I love you anyway!” type of party, where we can never be too much or too little of anything. We can just be ourselves, and loved fully, as is. Which is refreshing, to say the least!

3. Sisterhood Expands our Horizons.

No two sisters are the same. But each of us is all just as beautiful, in our own unique way.

Learning to accept, love and embrace other women and form a bond so deeply that we consider her a sister; also teaches us to appreciate and celebrate our differences rather than look down on them. Our sisters are an external reflection of the love we ideally strive to have for ourselves, (and there is nothing greater than self-love). It teaches us how to be loved by women, how to give love to women, and how to be loyal to women, too. That type of energy is so strong & good, that it’s usually contagious, and we are more likely to embrace other women and pay it forward. Which not only expands our hearts and minds but also our TRIBE too! 

4. Sisterhood is Supportive.

Having supportive women in our lives to share the laughs and tears with makes this human experience that much more pleasurable. Through the changes we grow through in life, it’s nice to feel loved and supported–to know that we’re not in this alone. When we share our battles and victories with others it makes this rollercoaster ride that much more enjoyable. What’s even more incredible is the opportunity to play, co-create and work together. 

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